The Benefits Of A Summer Tutoring Program

Why Parents Should Invest in A Summer Tutoring Program.  Ottawa – Toronto – Calgary


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Classes have just ended.  Students are trading in their books for swimming suits and loads of summer fun.  What about keeping academically up to date for the next school year.  Lets face it, most students will go through some type of summer learning loss during the summer months.  Students that are already behind their peers will find that come September they are going to be even further behind their peers if they do not receive some type of academic refreshment during the summer.

 “Do students need a rigorous summer tutoring program to keep up with their academic skills?  The answer is no.  Students do need a break from education but it does not mean that during the summer you put your books away and wait for September. Some leisure reading over the summer is the minimum that parents can do to motivate their children to improve their reading skills.” says, Madeleine Bodry – one of the senior recruiting manager for Tutors For Less.   However,  summer camps, movies, swimming pools, vacations, and video games that take the lead hands down over any academic learning over the summer.  This usually poses a problem for parents as they are trying to get their children advanced or up to par with their peers for the next school year but to not have the skills or the patience to initiate summer learning programs for their children.

Students are in summer mode and the last thing on their mind would be academic learning over the summer.  This is why parents need to invest into a summer tutoring program for their child.  Although most of our summer tutoring takes place during the day in the summer, our agency offers tutoring during the weeknights for those students who attend summer day camps.  In addition we form a partnership with local high schools who offer summer upgrading or full courses.

We offer a wide variety of summer tutoring programs including

  • summer reading programs
  • summer math programs
  • summer writing programs
  • Summer reading comprehension programs
  • Summer essay writing programs
  • Summer English Language programs
  • Summer Calculus-Data Management-Functions Upgrading and preparation
  • Summer Chemistry – Physics – Biology upgrading and preparation
  • Summer math Enrichment programs


We service the following areas in Canada

  • Summer tutoring programs in Scarborough
  • Summer tutoring programs in Etobicoke
  • Summer tutoring programs in East York
  • Summer tutoring programs in North York
  • Summer tutoring programs in Thornhill
  • Summer tutoring programs in Richmond Hill
  • Summer tutoring programs in Maple
  • Summer tutoring programs in Brampton
  • Summer tutoring programs in Mississauga
  • Summer tutoring programs in Markham
  • Summer tutoring programs in Newmarket
  • Summer tutoring programs in Kanata
  • Summer tutoring programs in Aurora
  • Summer tutoring programs in Nepean
  • Summer tutoring programs in Orleans


When Tutoring Agencies Mislead You

When Tutoring Agencies Mislead You



Unfortunately Many Agencies are popping out of the woodwork to provide unsatisfactory service because they are so desperate to send you unsatisfactory tutors to fill their pockets at your expense. These tutoring agencies are so desperate that they will hire just about anybody they interview.   

These companies are usually only a year or two old and pay their tutors substandard wages to enable them to give you ridiculous low rates.  But who benefits form this?  It is certainly not you.  Certainly not the tutor.  Tutors who get paid low hourly rates do not produce to the best of their ability.  This also leads the door open to substandard tutors who will work for peanuts.  This creates a high turnover rate among  those low paid tutors as they want to leave ASAP for a higher hourly wage. 

A company may tell you they have been in business for a certain number of years.  The only real way to check this is to go on the whois website to check when they actually registered the website.  Simply go to  and enter their website.   Under dates you will see when their website was created and when it expires.  90% of all North american business had a website by the year 2000.   Therefore you can usually verify the business start date by checking the date they registered their website.  The website is an excellent indication when they started their business.  Some of you may be shocked at what you will find out. Some companies outright lie about when their start date just to make them appear more reliable. .  So now you can do your homework online before asking them how long has the company been in business. 

Summer Tutoring Programs Toronto – Ottawa – Calgary

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Finding the right math tutor for your child

Finding A Private Math Tutor For Your Child


Finding the right math tutor for your child can be a difficult task for many parents.

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How do I find the right math tutor for my child?

Finding the right math tutor for your child can be a difficult task for many parents who are already busy with their work and home schedules.  Many parents come up with Sylvan, Kumon, or Oxford because they are well branded names.  Others turn to private home tutoring agencies only to find that the owners themselves are inexperienced, or operate their business on a part-time schedule often not returning their calls until at least a day or two later.

Green and Inexperienced Math Tutoring Agencies

There are many home tutoring agencies that are called pop-up agencies.  That means they pop up one day and the next day they are out of business because of either a lack of expertise or dedication.

Tutoring Agencies that are desperate for you money

So now parents are faced with many of these new “pop up” tutoring agencies .  What they did not realize is that these tutoring agencies pay a hefty price for being listed on Google paid search.  Many parents think that if they are on the paid search they must be good.   As a matter of fact that is the complete opposite. Many agencies have no choice but to pay for Google advertising because they have very little customers or tutors!

Math Tutors From Tutors For Less

Math tutors from Tutors For Less are caring, patient, and understanding.  They also have a passion for teaching math.  At Tutors For Less we make sure we carefully screen and check our tutors for their ability to teach the subject they are tutoring.

Tutors For Less Math Tutoring Locations and Subjects

  • Mathematics Grades K-12, University and College courses | Calculus | Data Management | Functions and Relations | Statistics

We have home tutoring service the following areas.

  • Toronto  | North York | East York | City of York | Scarborough | Etobicoke |
  • G.T.A     | Mississauga | Brampton |Thornhill |Richmond hill |Woodbridge | Markham | Maple |
  • Ottawa  | Nepean | Gatineau | Orleans | Kanata | Gloucester | Rockcliffe Park | Alymer |
  • Vancouver | Victoria | Richmond | Delta | North Vancouver | West Vancouver | Surrey | New Westminister
  • Calgary 

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Tutoring service areas

Our home tutoring agency is established by school principals and operated by certified and experienced teachers. Since 2004 we have most trusted resource for processional in-home tutoring by public schools, private schools, and other public organizations. We have become the largest independent provider of professional in home tutoring in Canada.

Our agency currently tutors thousands of students from Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver.  Our agency tutors all subjects and grades from JK to grade 12, University courses, College courses, I.B. and A.P. courses,We have tutors specialized in teaching high school, College, and University chemistry, physics, calculus, Data management, Statistics, Advanced Functions, and Relations

Our Toronto tutors service all areas of Toronto and the GTA including North York Toronto tutors | Thornhill Tutors | Scarborough Tutors | North York Tutors| Etobicoke | Scarborough | East York |  The Beaches| Thornhill | Richmond Hill |  Markham, Woodbridge | Mississauga |  Brampton | and Newmarket

 Our Ottawa tutors services all areas in Ottawa including Ottawa tutors | Nepean tutors |, Gatineau tutors | Orleans tutors | Kanata tutors | Gloucester tutors | Rockcliffe Park | Alymer tutors |

 Our Calgary tutors service all areas In Calgary including  | Central Calgary | North East Calgary | North West Calgary | South West Calgary | South East Calgary

Our Tutors in Vancouver service all areas in Vancouver including | Tutors in Delta | Tutors in Richmond. | Tutors in Burnaby | Tutors in North Vancouver | Tutors in Surrey | Tutors in Qoquitlam | Tutors in Victoria | Tutors in NewWestminister | Tutors in West Vancouver

Buying a home tutoring franchise

Thinking of Buying a Home Tutoring Franchise

tips on buying home tutoring franchise

Do you want to waste your money on a home tutoring franchise?


You just visited a franchise Expo at the Franchise Show and was thrilled to learn that a home tutoring franchise does not have overhead costs, is easy to set up, and you can work at home.    The expense is anywhere between 25K to 50K just to buy the name.

What the Franchiser did not tell you?

About 10 years ago it was financially productive to purchase a home tutoring franchise.  Home tutoring agencies were rare.  Now home tutoring agencies and franchises are a dime a dozen.    Just type in home tutoring in Toronto and you will see home many organic and paid listings there are.  So that means now a days competition is fierce for clientele for your home tutoring agency. 

What they also did not tell you is that you are purchasing a territory which is a sub-division of a city or municipality.  Since you don’t have an actual brick and mortar location in a mall or strip mall it would be difficult for people to find you on map figuratively speaking.  That would require you to ditch out an extra 10K to 30K on advertising just to let people know you exist. 

Even after this when clients are calling you have to make a sale and explain to them whey your are better  or cheaper than the hundreds of other home tutoring agencies that they have just found.  Chances are that the client has never heard of you because you are not what they see in the Media such as brick and mortar franchises such as Kumon tutoring , Sylvan tutoring, or Oxford learning tutoring companies.   Once you do get a sales lead you or some sales person you hired (another expense 22K to 42K per year $$$) will go to the potential clients home and try to win the client over.  

Not to mention that your fellow franchisee which is located close to your territory has advertised secretly Google advertising in your territory so now you are having territory wars.

You are now scratching your head and thinking Hmmm…  I just spent over 100K and got peanuts back.  So you decide you can’t spend another penny and close shop or try selling your franchise.

All that money you just spent could have been spent on a money making franchise such as Sylvan Learning, Kumon Math and Reading, or Oxford Learning franchises.  All these companies are brand names and they spend millions of dollars on company branding per year.  So you literally just have to open a good location and the clients will come without having to spend thousand of advertising.  Most people just call the central number and ask what the nearest sylvan, kumon, or oxford learning centre..   In addition they have an attendant 24-7 to relay any sales calls to you or an automated attendant.

So do not wind up like a deer friend of mine who was in 100K debt because he made a mistake of buying a a home tutoring franchise not knowing that you literally have to waste a lot more money, and time just to get a sale!

My suggestion as a manager of a tutoring agency for over 10 years is that your best bet to make money is to buy a branded company like Sylvan learning, Kumon Math or Reading, Oxford Learning, or Spirit of Math learning centre.




Why you should avoid purchasing a Home Tutoring Franchise

Buying a home tutoring franchise can be a huge mistake

home tutoring franchise

Are you ready to throw money away into a home tutoring franchise?

You are currently at the franchise expo looking at a franchise to purchase. You try to find a particular franchise that peaks your interests and makes  a profit eventually. You are attracted to a home tutoring franchise that seems like it is inexpensive. Low overhead cost is attracting you.  You soon realise  that your franchise is territory limited.  Here are reasons why you should avoid this bad investment at all costs.

We have been running our tutoring business for 10+ years.  Our agency started when only a few home tutoring agencies existed.  There was very little competition then, so It only made sense to franchise and some tutoring agencies decided to go ahead and do so. Now home tutoring agencies are a “dime a dozen” and they are not territory dependant either.  Many of  these “new” home tutoring agencies fail during their first year or two due to the lack of business management experience, organisation, accounting,  education expertise or all of the above. However,  they new agencies are still out there and there is a new one is popping up every month or so. That means less profits to go around for your franchise especially since you can’t venture out of your small territory!

Just type a simple search like “tutors in Toronto” on google and you will see how many home tutoring agencies are listed on Google adwords alone.  This does not include those agencies that don’t advertise on Google adwords, or those agencies that are not on the first page of google!

It just does not make sense to buy a tutoring franchise at this point.  It would not be a bright move to buy a home tutor franchise for 25k or more.  All you will be doing at this point is investing into something that is going to be very difficult to start making noticeable profits.

Reasons why you should avoid buying a home tutoring franchise.

  • Competition is fierce and there is now less money to go around
  • Buying a specific territory is only going to make your profit margin very slim
  • Your fellow franchisee may overlap you territory or turf without you knowing it

Reasons why you should buy a tutoring centre franchise  instead of a home tutoring franchise

  • Initial investment is more but more profits in return
  • No competition – You are usually the only tutoring centre that operates in the mall, office building, or community centre with no other competition around for at least a block or two.
  • They say build a location and they will come.  This is very true.  Thousands of people per day will pass by your location everyday
  • You tutors are employees not sub-contractors.  This can be very beneficial as you are constantly monitoring and improving the quality of educators in your tutoring centre.
  • Usually less expensive than home tutoring which will attract more customers in the long run

Last Words.

My close friend bought a tutoring franchise about three years ago.  with the initial investment and the cost of advertising he made a very insignificant small profit of $15 000 in his second year after paying royalties, expenses, advertising, and tutors. He felt that he had spent over 20K in advertising a franchise that was not very popular amongst the consumers.   He later found a full time position which is a consistent income on his part.  He took a loss of $40G to only earn 15G.  He was very upset that the franchiser salesperson did not mention to him that the competition is fierce  He kept saying their is a lot of money to be made.  
If he would have done it over again, he would have invested 75K more and bought a popular tutoring centre franchise like Sylvan Learing Centres, Kumon Math and English Centres, or Oxford Learning Centres.  At least with these centres they are proven money makers and you don’t have to compete with anyone in your mall or territory.
His suggestion is to research how many business old and new are in your specific industry or territory.  If you have a lot of competitors than you will have to pay a lot more in advertising and your profit margin would be slim or nominal. 

Certified teachers vs Certified tutors?

Certified Teachers vs Certified Tutors in Canada.

certified tutors

Here is the age old question we receive may times by our clients.  Are your tutors certified?  In the U.S. we could actually answer that question but in Canada you would find that we can only answer this questions in two ways. If the teacher is certified by the province.  We could then say yes that specific tutor is certified to teach in a public school setting.
Some agencies are using the sales pitch “All of our tutors are certified”.  This is incorrect to say. What they are trying to say is that all their tutors on their roster are certified teachers.  This would be an inaccurate account of their business.

There was one agency with these exact words “Certified Professional Tutors”  “Our company offers only carefully selected certified tutors, dedicated to customizing ……”  It is clear that this agency does not understand the teacher certification process.   Once again there is no such thing as a certified tutor in Canada!

Some agencies are saying that all their tutors are teachers.  This again is something that  can be very misleading.  Anyone without a teacher certification could say they are a teacher of any subject.

Just be careful of agencies that are mentioning they have certified tutors or qualified tutors. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Such as. For this rate am I going to get a certified teacher?

Qualified Teachers or Qualified tutors?

Our tutoring agency provides qualified tutors

qualified tutors - qualified teachers

Can a tutor be qualified? A lawyer is qualified to practice law.  A medical doctor is qualified to practice medicine. A certified teacher is qualified to teach in a public school setting.

Can a tutor be qualified to tutor? The answer is a no.  In Canada we use the term qualified to mean you belong to a a group of professionals who belong to a professional organization such as lawyers.

We can ask a teacher if are they qualified to teach special education student?.  We can also ask a teacher if they are qualified to teach calculus or senior math.  Qualified in the teacher world means just that. You have certain criteria in your education degree or extra qualification courses that allows you to teach a certain subject or panel.

A tutor can be an expert at what they teach.  For instance a math tutor who has a major or specialist in mathematics we would say can comfortably and effectively tutor calculus or advanced functions and relations tutor.  Is that tutor qualified to teach calculus at the high school level.  The answer is no.  We do not have a professional tutor college that would tell you that that this tutor is qualified to teach calculus.

Do not be mistaken with terms like we have certified tutors, or qualified tutors.   This is misleading to the client and should not even be mentioned.

At Tutors For Less we recruit tutors that are experts at what they teach.  Our tutors are also caring, patient, and understanding. Some of our tutors are certified teachers.

Our tutors can teach the following subjects and grades.

Math tutors in Toronto | English tutors in Toronto | Chemistry tutors in Toronto | Calculus tutors in Toronto | Advanced functions and relations tutor in Toronto |

Finding The Cheapest Tutoring Rate | Toronto | Vancouver

Finding the cheapest tutoring rate in Toronto | Ottawa | Vancouver | Calgary

lowest tutoring rate

Many parents start inquiring about tutoring agencies only to find out that many of them have different rates. Rates can be as low as $18/hr to as high as $75/hr for brand name agencies. When conducting your search you should keep in mind with tutoring cheaper may equal a lower quality type of service. When it comes to tutoring you just can’t negotiate rock bottom prices like you would when buying a toaster? As they say you get what you paid for which is especially true in the tutoring industry.

Before allowing any salesperson in your home to discuss hourly rates, have them confirm the hourly rate confirmation vial email.  This way the salesperson does not say one thing over the phone and another when you would like to make a payment.

Unfortunately some tutoring agencies lure you into a low hourly rate and then when they come to your home they give you that hourly rate only  if you pre-pay and commit to 50 or 100 hours of tutoring.  

Private Tutors:

I am sure many parents can find a private tutor for a cheaper price.  But keep in mind that the parent is going to have to go through the following processes.

  • calling the tutor to make sure they are available to take more students
  • finding a convenient time for tutoring that is mutually agreeable. (something that may be difficult to match depending on how busy the tutor is)
  • background and references checking the tutors
  • negotiating an hourly price with the tutor which may include transportation costs

Tutoring Agencies:

Be very careful of tutoring agencies that offer you hourly rates that are too good to be true.  In order for these agencies to make a profit they would have to pay their tutors a very low hourly rate to accommodate that low price. As we know in the workforce in general.  The lower you pay an individual the lower the quality and effort that individual is going to put forth into their job.

We are not saying to go for the highest priced tutoring agency either.  Just go for the agency that is reasonable within your means but not too low or not way too high. You also should not have to purchase 50 or 100 hours of tutoring to get a low or reasonable rate.

Some tutoring agencies that are offering really low prices are usually tutoring agencies that have just came out of the woodwork.  They have just started which also means that they usually do not have a large amount of active tutors on their tutoring roster.This may also indicate that the quality of tutors they have recruited are may just not be up to par with  industry standards because they will contract any tutor out their so they can have a larger tutoring roster. 

Tutoring Centres:

Some brand name tutoring centres who are franchised, need to charge very high hourly rates because their overhead cost of renting the facility forces them to hike up their hourly rates just to keep in business.

Some parents do find their neighbourhood tutoring centre cheaper than a private home tutoring agency but what they did not realize is that the hourly rate they are paying for is tutoring instruction with 10 or more students sitting around a table with different questions, different grade levels, different levels, and finally different needs.

An analogy to this would be to buy a bag of oranges for $15.  The tutoring centre would say you need to share your oranges with everyone else.  At the home tutoring agency you may buy the bag of oranges for $25 dollars, however you don’t need to share the oranges with anybody.  You have the oranges all to yourself. 

 At Tutors For Less we focus our efforts on recruiting the best tutors.  Our tutors are one of the best paid in the industry, so you know you will be getting the best tutor and dedicated customer service to meet your child’s specific needs. 

Tutors for Less has over 1000 active tutors throughout Canada.

They currently have over 500 active tutors in toronto | 300 active tutors in Ottawa | 200 active tutors in Calgary | 400 active tutors in Vancouver