Certified teachers vs Certified tutors?

Certified Teachers vs Certified Tutors in Canada.

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Here is the age old question we receive may times by our clients.  Are your tutors certified?  In the U.S. we could actually answer that question but in Canada you would find that we can only answer this questions in two ways. If the teacher is certified by the province.  We could then say yes that specific tutor is certified to teach in a public school setting.
Some agencies are using the sales pitch “All of our tutors are certified”.  This is incorrect to say. What they are trying to say is that all their tutors on their roster are certified teachers.  This would be an inaccurate account of their business.

There was one agency with these exact words “Certified Professional Tutors”  “Our company offers only carefully selected certified tutors, dedicated to customizing ……”  It is clear that this agency does not understand the teacher certification process.   Once again there is no such thing as a certified tutor in Canada!

Some agencies are saying that all their tutors are teachers.  This again is something that  can be very misleading.  Anyone without a teacher certification could say they are a teacher of any subject.

Just be careful of agencies that are mentioning they have certified tutors or qualified tutors. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Such as. For this rate am I going to get a certified teacher?


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  1. I never knew that there is difference between a tutor and a certified tutor. I am looking for private home tutoring services. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely contact the agency you have mentioned.

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