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Tutors for less is established by school principals who had a vision to create a tutoring agency that really cares about its students.

Our tutor recruitors, recruits only the most qualified tutors based on our 5-point teaching profession checklist. Our tutors are not only experts in the area they teach. They are also caring, patient, and understanding. They also have the ability to relate well to children, teenagers, and adults. We make sure that when we recruit our tutors we select only tutors who really care about your child!

We have Tutors who can make a difference.

"Tutors for Less - A tutoring Agency with a heart!"

Our agencts are all cerfified and experienced teachers who will help your child acquire the academic skills and strategies to be successful in the classroom. We team up with you, your child, and your child's teacher to make sure that your child gets the appropriate accommodations to help him/her succeed in the classroom.

• Our purpose is to help students overcome transitory learning problems without imposing a major financial burden upon the parent.
• At Tutors For Less we help students of all ages and levels reach their full academic potential
• We assist students so they can excel in their own classroom or course
• We develop and encourage organizational skills and time management skills
• Our individualized sessions provide a one-on-one direct teaching style suited specifically for each student
• Tutors For Less' objective is to provide professional Individualized home instruction to allow your child the opportunity to resolve current educational "road-blocks"
• We offer academic and enrichment assistance for students in Grades JK –12, University, and College Programs
• Our tutors are ready to assist their students in all subject areas

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Does this sound like your Child?
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My son/daughter is having difficulty in focusing, processing, and retaining information. My child has problems with his or her peers and struggles from low self-esteem. In summary, my child's frustration, behaviour and emotional difficulties seem to be directly related to his/her academics.

At Tutors For Less, we create confident students by discovering and targeting the causes of their academic frustrations. Our tutors can customize individual programs for your child based upon his/her unique ability to learn. Our tutors are capable of teaching students who are functioning below or above their current academic grade level. Unfortunately, many children are told that they are behind and as a result their overall confidence and self-esteem become shattered.

Our tutors will not only help your child academically but will boost your Child's confidence and self–esteem. Rest assured that our teachers hold a special education background and are equiped to teach students with various learning disabilites. .Our agents will guide you through the process of selecting a teacher that meets your child's specific needs. Our Agents have many years of teaching experience and will help guide you into choosing the right tutoring program for you child.

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