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Academic Assistance Tutoring Programs

  • Your child is a year or two behind their classmates

  • Our tutors come prepared with resources that will fill their academic gaps.

Enrichment Tutoring Programs

  • You would like you child to get advanced in their academics.

Homework Support Tutoring Programs

  • Our tutors will help your child with their homework. Choose from our 3 or 4 hour per week packages.

  • We make it more affordable for you by providing discounts for purchases of 20 our more hours.

Organization and study skills programs

  • Your child is a solid academic student but can do a lot better if he/she was more organized and used their time wisely

  • Our tutors will model organizational skills and time management skills. Our tutors will also model proper study techniques

Summer Enrichment Tutoring Programs

  • You want your child to get a head of their classmates.

  • Our tutors will provide enrichment tutoring programs so that your child is well prepared for the next school year.

Summer Catch up Tutoring Programs

  • Your child is a little behind their classmates

  • Our tutoring programs will reinforce current academic skills so that you child will be ready an up to date for the next school year

Special Education Tutoring Programs

  • your child is 3 or 4 years behind their classmates

  • our teachers are specialized in teaching students with special needs

Head Start -Transitions Tutoring Programs

  • Your child is transitioning from elementary to high school or from high school to university or college

  • Your child needs guidance and preparation for their transition to high school or post-secondary school

  • Our tutors will prepare your child with the proper organization tools and equipment to be successful in their high school or post-secondary learning.

Test Preparation Programs

  • You or your child are preparing for SSAT, SAT, MCAT, LSAT, ACT, GMAT. TOEFL, GRE, Gr. 3 EQOA, Gr.6 EQAO, and the Gr.10 literacy test


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