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  • We have over 500 active tutors happily working for Tutors For Less throughout Canada. .

  • Our tutor recruiters are certified and experienced teachers and know what to look for when hiring our tutors.

  • Each tutors is carefully selected for their ability to teach as well as their ability to relate well to children, teenagers, and adults..

  • Fewer than one in ten are good enough to join our list of active tutors.

  • Not only are they experts in their chosen subjects, but they all share a passion and dedication for teaching and helping students to achieve academic success.

  • We tend to pay our tutors more than other agencies, while keeping our rates competitive and as a result we attract only the best tutors.

  • Unlike other tutoring agencies, all of our agents are certified and experienced teacher to make sure that your child receives the best possible education from our tutoring programs.

  • All of our instructors are specialists at what they teach and have a love of teaching and a respect for your child’s unique learning needs.

  • We also have over 100 certified and experienced teachers for students who require specific learning requirements as outlined in their I.E.P. and/or psychological report.

  • Trusted as the # 1 choice by public and private schools, insurance agencies, and government organizations such as Children's Aid Societies.


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