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Since 2004, Tutors For Less of Newmarket has been providing reliable trustworthy tutoring service for thousands of Newmarket students. Our Newmarket tutors are carefully selected for their passion to teach as well as being patient, caring and understanding of students needs. All of our Newmarket tutors are experts in their respective fields, such as Sciences, Math, Social Sciences, Business and many others.

Our agency is established by school principals and is operated and managed by experienced and certified teachers. That means that our agents who are also certified teachers will help guide you through the process of establishing the right tutoring program for your child.

If you require more information on finding a Newmarket tutor, please call us at 905-882-8809 or fill in an online form by clicking the contact us button above.


Our Newmarket tutors, tutor the following tutoring programs, skills, subjects, and courses

  • English Elementary support (Gr. 1 to Gr. 8)

  • English High School (Gr.9 to Gr.12)

  • University English

  • College English

  • I.B. English courses tutoring Newmarket

  • Reading Comprehension tutoring Newmarket

  • Reading programs Newmarket

  • Writing Skills tutoring Newmarket

  • Essay Writing Skills tutoring Newmarket

  • Math tutoring programs (Gr. 1 to Gr.8)

  • High School math tutoring Newmarket

  • Math Enrichment tutoring Programs Newmarket

  • Calculus and Vectors tutoring Newmarket

  • Functions and Relations tutoring Newmarket

  • Data Management and Probability tutoring Newmarket

  • Mixed Math tutoring Newmarket

  • Accounting

  • Business Math

  • Science enrichment programs (Gr. 1 to Gr. 8)

  • High School Science course (Gr.9 to Gr.12)

  • Chemistry Gr. 11 (I.B) and Gr.12 including I.B.

  • Physics Gr.11 and Gr. 12 including I.B. courses

  • Biology Gr.11 and Gr.12 including I.B courses

  • College and University Physics

  • College and University Chemistry

  • College and University Biology/Physiology

  • organization skills
  • time management skills
  • study skills
  • A.P. Math
  • I.B Math Programs
  • University and College Math tutoring support
  • University Calculus
  • I.B. Chemistry tutoring Newmarket
  • I.B. Physics tutoring Newmarket
  • I.B. Biology tutoring Newmarket
  • University Chemistry tutoring support
  • A.P. Chemistry tutoring Newmarket
  • A.P. Physics tutoring Newmarket



Interesting Facts about Newmarket

According to the 2006 Census, the town's population is 74,295. As of (31 March 2006), the Region of York Planning department puts the total at 77,518. According to the same source, the population projection for 2011 is 87,000.

Given the town's area, its latest population figure puts Newmarket's population density at just over 2036 inhabitants per square kilometre.

The town offers data about the cultural composition of its residents.

The median income for all families was $88,514 in 2005, well above the Ontario average. For households, it was $81,640. The median income of all men over the age of 15 was $42,755 and for women over the age of 15 it was $25,606. 9.8% of residents were classified as "low income" by Statistics Canada. The 2001 Census revealed Newmarket to be the 35th wealthiest municipality in Canada based on median family income .


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