Family Oriented Activities For Kids During the March-Winter-Summer Break in Toronto

Family Oriented Activities for Kids during the March Break, Winter or Xmas break, or Summer Break in Toronto and the GTA


Many parents find themselves taking off work for a week or two to spend time with their kids during march break, winter break, or summer break.  Some parents are left with their notebook in hand and find themselves writing a plan for the week or two ahead.  It is a good idea to plan ahead so that you are prepared to keep your kids busy during long or extended breaks without placing them in a camp.   A good idea for all families is to purchase a membership to the many attractions we have here in Toronto.  Memberships are only useful if a family visits the attraction a minimum of four or five times to make up the value of the cost of the memberships.  If memberships are not for you then going the one time is also effective.

1. Pioneer Village membership for $95 is an option.  There are many events prepared by pioneer village during march break which accommodate the large influx of march breakers to their site.  Families can also purchase a TRCA parks membership.  The cost for 2015 is $135.  This includes free admission to pioneer village,Albion Hills, Boyd, Bruce’s Mill, Glen Haffy, Heart Lake, Petticoat Creek, as well as Black Creek Pioneer Village and Kortright Centre. There are also added benefits such as.

  • FREE general admission to all of CVC Conservation Areas, including Belfountain, Island Lake, Ken Whillans and Terra Cotta Conservation Areas
  • FREE parking when visiting TRCA locations. Some restrictions apply*.
  • FREE Cross-Country Ski Trail admission at Albion Hills.
  • FREE general admission to special events such as the Maple Syrup Festival, Kite Festival, and Pioneer Festival.


2. Ontario Science Centre memberships is $80 for the silver membership and $140 for the gold membership.  The difference between the two memberships is that the silver offers parking for $5 and the gold parking is free. The other difference is silver gives you a discount for the imax movies of half price. With the gold membership the imax movies are free.  If you are just there to keep the kids busy the $80 for the silver membership is more than enough.  If you want the movies and parking for free than the additional $60 is worth the extra cost.  As I mentioned before these memberships are valuable if you plan to visit the science centre for at least 5 visits.

3. The metro Toronto Zoo is another family oriented place for the kids.  During the summer they have a splash park, so if you bring you swim suits this is all free with admission. The metro Toronto Zoo membership is also valuable if you plan on visiting at least 3 times. The membership fee is $195. With the membership you also have the benefit of going on the free zoo-mobile rides. This is great to use at the end or beginning of your visit. The thing I like most about the zoo is the walking.  Walking a few of those routes is a healthy family oriented visit.  They have plenty of picnic benches and we bring our own food to save a few dollars here and there.

4. Canada’s Wonderland Memberships.  Individual passes are only worth the price if you are only visiting one time. They cost around $40 but you can get discount coupons at Shoppers Drug Mart and some other stores.  I would add the fast lane as an additional cost.  Fast lane only works on certain rides and is not applicable to children rides. A membership will cost you $70 if you buy your membership early.  If not it can cost you as much as $80 after early bird prices.  Prices for young children lower than a certain height will cost you $60. We have found that Wonderland is getting extremely busy these days.   In the summer of 2014 most of the time we had to wait long times for the rides.  The best times to go when you have a membership is when the forecast calls for rain.  If it does rain most of the day and tapers off near the end of the day than most likely there will be fewer people in the evening or during the day.  Evening or very early in the morning are the best times to go during the weekdays.   During the weekend is extremely busy.  You can also settle for the water park in wonderland to cool off in the wave pool.

5. Centerville or Centre Island memberships.  There are memberships available for $75.00.  Plus the addition of the ferry-boat ride for $7.00 for adults and $3.00 for children.  Not sure if you can get a membership for the ferry boats but it is worth inquiring.  One thing you have to take into account if you are not taking the TTC is parking.  Parking can be expensive for the day but worth it if you are going to take the whole family anyway.  The rides are not wonderland but more oriented towards kids.  They also a farm.  Great for kids who want to see the farm animals.

6. Royal Ontario Museum Memberships.  The membership fee for a family is $100. I would have to say that this is a great indoor event for the family.   There are many museum programs for kids that the whole family can enjoy.  Even without the kids programs there are many things to see in the museum.  Just like any other membership if you are planning to got at least four times the entire year that it is worth your money.

7. Other places to visit with the kids .  Edwards Gardens – (FREE) . Hockey Hall of Fame . Art Gallery of Ontario, St. Lawrence Market – (FREE), Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada, and High park are all great once a year visits but may not be valuable as a membership.

 If you have any other suggestions for great activities or attractions for the family, please mention them below.

Author : Madeleine Bodry


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