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There are makeshift tutoring agencies out there claiming they have certified tutors available .  Tutoring agencies in Canada are not regulated and therefore is no such thing as a certified tutor in Canada. Some agencies even use certified tutors in their domain name or title. I was shaking my head when I realised that there was tutoring agency that offered tutors to pay $75 to receive a tutoring certification for their agency.  The test consisted of 10 questions about whether you like to be around children,  like to teach etc.. I just Can’t believe what kind of tutoring agencies are popping out there!

There are certified teachers who have graduated from teachers college,  but there is no designation for certified tutors! There is no such thing in Canada.  This goes to show why agency owners should at least have some education experience.  If any agency is claiming they have certified tutors, then they are misleading you the customer.    A tutor in Canada could have a high school background with no tutoring certification.  This is a big problem as many of these new green tutoring agencies are opening up because they pay a marketing firm to make there website look professional.  In reality most of these agencies are owned by individuals who do not have the knowledge, wisdom, or the connections about the current eduction system.

It is great to become an entrepreneur but when you have chosen the wrong field or have no experience education, it than you should not be operating an education based business.  

For example if you decide to open up a floor contracting business.  You decide to hire some people with some experience installing hard wood floors and tiles.   Think about it. You need to be experienced with hardwood floor installation before you even attempt to hire a contractor for your company.  The problem is that the customer looks at a great website that looks authentic and legitimate.  But in reality the owner knows nothing about hardwood floors which means the person he/she hires for hardwood floor installation is probably not the best candidate for hardwood floors.  
How are you going to hire a potential tutor for your agency if you don’t even know how to teach subject material yourself. How are you going to hire qualified tutors when you yourself have no idea about the qualities of an excellent tutor. 
It really makes you shake your head about the kind of agencies that are out there.   The problem lies in that many clients come back to us in desperation because they are upset that the tutoring agency they were with did not provide them with a good tutor.  In the end we end up solving the problem the other tutoring agencies brought to this customer and their child.  
In America you do have tutor training and certification programs. Although in America you do not have to have this certification to tutor a child.  In Canada there is no such thing as a tutor certification process.  If there is a website in Canada selling you a certification, then you know this is as legitimate as printing your own tutor certification on Microsoft Word.
Tutors For Less goes through a rigorous screening process when hiring their tutors.  Only 1 in every 10 tutors that are interview are  offered a contract. That is because when we interview them we make sure that they would be the right fit for our agency.  We also are one of the highest paying tutoring agency which means our tutors stay with our agency for the long term. 
In summary .If you found an agency that mentions that all their tutors are certified than you know this is not true.  The only thing that a tutor agency can claim is that some of their tutors are certified teachers. 


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  1. I have a technical college background in computer sciences and technology. I would like to know how to become a certified tutor. Thank you.

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