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Many students and parents wonder how to find a good physics tutor or tutoring center in Toronto.  Parents and students should be asking the physics tutor, tutoring agency, or centre the right type of questions.  It is imperative that you investigate and do your homework.   Does the physics tutor have the necessary expertise to tutor physics at your specific grade  or level?  Having done well in the course in high school is not enough to warrant an expertise in tutoring physics at that specific grade level.  The physics tutor should at the least have on physics university course or equivalent to be successful in tutoring you physics at a grade 11 level. For successful tutoring for grade twelve physics they should have at least two physics or math course equivalents.

When looking for a physics tutor keep in mind there are many physics tutors out there that are jack of all tutoring subjects even though they have not taken on physics course at the university level.  Be aware of agencies who sell you that their tutors are “physics teachers”.  Many parents think that this specifically means a teacher teaching physics at a school with certification.  What they are selling you is a student who has taken the course and can supposedly teach the subject to you or your child.

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