The Benefits Of A Summer Tutoring Program

Why Parents Should Invest in A Summer Tutoring Program.  Ottawa – Toronto – Calgary


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Classes have just ended.  Students are trading in their books for swimming suits and loads of summer fun.  What about keeping academically up to date for the next school year.  Lets face it, most students will go through some type of summer learning loss during the summer months.  Students that are already behind their peers will find that come September they are going to be even further behind their peers if they do not receive some type of academic refreshment during the summer.

 “Do students need a rigorous summer tutoring program to keep up with their academic skills?  The answer is no.  Students do need a break from education but it does not mean that during the summer you put your books away and wait for September. Some leisure reading over the summer is the minimum that parents can do to motivate their children to improve their reading skills.” says, Madeleine Bodry – one of the senior recruiting manager for Tutors For Less.   However,  summer camps, movies, swimming pools, vacations, and video games that take the lead hands down over any academic learning over the summer.  This usually poses a problem for parents as they are trying to get their children advanced or up to par with their peers for the next school year but to not have the skills or the patience to initiate summer learning programs for their children.

Students are in summer mode and the last thing on their mind would be academic learning over the summer.  This is why parents need to invest into a summer tutoring program for their child.  Although most of our summer tutoring takes place during the day in the summer, our agency offers tutoring during the weeknights for those students who attend summer day camps.  In addition we form a partnership with local high schools who offer summer upgrading or full courses.

We offer a wide variety of summer tutoring programs including

  • summer reading programs
  • summer math programs
  • summer writing programs
  • Summer reading comprehension programs
  • Summer essay writing programs
  • Summer English Language programs
  • Summer Calculus-Data Management-Functions Upgrading and preparation
  • Summer Chemistry – Physics – Biology upgrading and preparation
  • Summer math Enrichment programs


We service the following areas in Canada

  • Summer tutoring programs in Scarborough
  • Summer tutoring programs in Etobicoke
  • Summer tutoring programs in East York
  • Summer tutoring programs in North York
  • Summer tutoring programs in Thornhill
  • Summer tutoring programs in Richmond Hill
  • Summer tutoring programs in Maple
  • Summer tutoring programs in Brampton
  • Summer tutoring programs in Mississauga
  • Summer tutoring programs in Markham
  • Summer tutoring programs in Newmarket
  • Summer tutoring programs in Kanata
  • Summer tutoring programs in Aurora
  • Summer tutoring programs in Nepean
  • Summer tutoring programs in Orleans