Certified Tutors or Certified Teachers.

Certified Tutors or Certified Teachers?





Have you called a tutoring agency who had mentioned to you that the tutors they have are certified tutors?  In Canada there is no tutor certification available.  There is a some companies in America that claim they have a tutor certification but they are not recognised by the government as a certification such as teacher certification.  So if a company mislead you to believe you are receiving a certified teacher as a tutor most likely the tutor is not a certified teacher and they duped you into believing that the tutor you are going to receive is certified by the province.  If they did say the tutor is a certified teacher, you have the full right to ask them if it is a teacher certification recognised by the province. Otherwise they are simply trying to tell you that the tutor they hired or are hiring for that subject has some formal background in that subject but they are not at all certified by the province and there is no such things as a certified tutor in Canada.

At Tutors For Less we pride ourselves in communicating with our clients and being fully transparent about the specific tutor we have allocated for you.  Give us a call today.  1-877-840-6195

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