How to motivate your child to read and write

How to motivate you child to read and write.


Many parents call our tutoring agency asking for a reading program for their child.  There are many things parents can do to motivate their children to read.  One thing parents can do is simply take their children to the library once a week and call that library time.  Many parents are busy placing their children in physical activities forget that the library also offers certain reading programs or events to help motivate your child.  As your child gets older you can simply call this your weekly “reading night” or “reading day”.  You and your child will benefit from this as this also serves as a relaxing event you can do with your child.  Even if you miss a library date.  You can substitute that with a “reading night” at your home.  Be sure to be consistent as any long lapse from reading every week with your child can backfire.  It is very beneficial to start that “reading bond” with your child at an early age.  The older they are the more difficult it will be to motivate them to become avid readers.  Once your child gets used to reading on a weekly basis they will continue reading for the love of it.  As past experience tells me my students that were avid readers were also performing well in all academic areas including arithmetic.   I cannot stress how important it is to read to your child when they are young.  It does not matter what language you read to them.  Once they see how much you love reading to them they will in turn love reading because it comforts them.  And as adults and teens they will remember that time you spent with them reading.

Some parents no matter what they do find it a constant struggle to motivate their child to read.  This constant battle that parents have with their children to motivate them to read and write over the summer is the primary reason, why parents call us to provide their children with a guided reading program.  “We have guided reading programs so that parents do not have to worry about their children falling behind compared to their peers.  Our reading tutoring programs can be modified or enriched to fit each child’s specific learning needs.  We have a wide variety of reading tutoring programs that can help children catch up or get ahead of their peers.  We have a wide variety of reading programs that cater to the need of each child”.   Says Steve Lehman, Education Consultant with Tutors For Less.

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