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Looking for a private math tutor in Toronto?

Many Students and Parents are looking for a private math tutor in Toronto and feel exhausted and the end of their search after realizing their are many agencies or math tutoring centres to choose from.   Many parents end up searching in the wrong places and end up with a tutor that either does not have enough knowledge to teach that specific course or grade level or they do not have the experience necessary to enrich an student who has special needs.  A Math tutor not only has to be knowledgeable about the Math material at hand they have to have qualities of a classroom teacher.  A tutor should have the following personality attributes.  A Math tutor should be caring, empathetic, understanding, motivational, and lastly patient.  Not only should they possess these important skills, they should be able to teach the material in such a way the student understands them. Too often we have many parents come to us to clean up the mess another tutoring agency had done to them.   Too often we notice that some tutoring agencies will literally send anybody out there to tutor your child to make a quick.  For example they did not send a tutor that can clearly answer Math questions on the spot.   At Tutors For Less each or our tutors go through a rigorous screening process and only 3 out every 10 applicants we interview meet our strict criteria to become a tutor with our agency. Tutors For Less has been providing math tutoring support and enrichment in Toronto for over a decade.  Established in 2004 by school principals we are one of the leading providers of private math home tutoring in Toronto.

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Math Tutors in Toronto provides tutors for the following subjects and areas

Primary Junior Math Grades 1-6
Intermediate Math Grades 7- 8
High School Grades 9-10 Academic and Applied
Grade 11 Academic and Applied.  University and College Level
Gr.12 Advanced Functions and Relations Tutor
Gr.12 Calculus and Vectors
Gr.12 Functions and Relations
High School, University, College, I.B., and A.P. courses
University level statistics
Our Math Tutors in Toronto service the following areas in Toronto
Toronto  | North York | East York | City of York | Scarborough | Etobicoke |
G.T.A     | Mississauga | Brampton |Thornhill | Richmond hill |Woodbridge | Markham | Maple |


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  1. I was wondering if anyone would recommend Kumon math . I have heard mixed reviews. Some say its good while others say they don’t teach the student problem solving techniques as it is all rote memory learning. Any ideas?

    • Hi Sang, it really depends on the student. If your child is motivated to work on his/her own than Kumon can be a good fit. I did hear that the material is repetitious. Give us a call at Math tutors Toronto for a free consultation. 416-6707-6401

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