Screen Time – How Many Hours Are Your Kids On Electronic Devices.

Should Parents Regulate Screen Time?



Are your children spending to much screen time?


Many parents are faced with the dilemma of screen time for their children.  Some parents have developed a weekend only screen time usage.  This has to be implemented early as it is hard to take away their screen time if you have allowed it on the weekdays. You can also limit screen time per day to a maximum of one hour.   I believe parents should regulate the screen time of their children  Otherwise your children may start a battle with you if change the rules after you have realized they are using up way to much screen time during the week.  What do we mean by screen time.  I would say anything that has a screen.  That would be TV, computer, Tablet, and cell phone.

The problem is now a days our cell phones have video and WIFI capabilities so our children really do not need to be in front of a TV, computer, or tablet to receive their screen entertainment.  Times have changed since my generation where our screen time was TV and that got boring so you headed to your nearby park and played with your friends for hours.

Gone are the days you see kids playing street hockey or baseball on their own without a rep team or organization. That is why many parents send their kids to extracurricular activities just so they do not go on their tablet.

It used to be that students had about 1 to 2 hours of homework per day which did not allow them much screen time.   Now a days the only homework they will be getting is the work they did not finish in class.   I Believe less homework has caused children to have no alternative but to use screen time as a means of not being bored at home.  What happened with a good conversation with our friends.  Now your conversations are limited to quick back and forth texts.


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