Steps you should take before choosing a tutoring agency

Things You should know before choosing a tutoring agency


Parents are often confused as to which tutoring agency they should choose considering there are so many out there.

Tutors For Less was established over a decade ago when there were only a few home tutoring agencies around.   Now 10 years later home tutoring agencies are a dime a dozen.  New home tutoring agencies are popping out of the woodwork every few weeks or so and currently there is no regulatory body to ensure these home tutoring business are regulated for quality or professionalism.  This leads to another important point.  Anyone can open a tutoring business or purchase a tutoring franchise without any knowledge of education.   This is a serious concern as a non-educator it would be very difficult to hire a tutor for your agency when you have no education background yourself.   Furthermore, when speaking to parents how are you going to understand the education lingo and specific tutoring needs when you don’t understand what the parent is requesting.  These type of non-education owners are simply motivated by money and will unfortunately not listen to your specific needs and send you the wrong type of tutor.

An established agency is also something you should consider.  Would you trust an agency that has only recently opened up their business.  These agencies usually do not have a tutoring team or roster.  They hire a tutor quickly for you not knowing how they perform.  Another point is that these new agencies usually try to sell you very cheap hourly rates because they are desperate for your business.  Cheaper is not better when it comes to educating your child.   If they offer you cheap rates that ultimately means that they have to pay their tutor cheaply.  A low paid tutor is usually not the best tutor.  So be careful with very cheap rates.  As they say “you get what you paid for”.

It is important that you do check the agencies start or creation date.  This is usually correlated with their website creation date.  90% of business that started after the year 2000 had a website.  How do you check when they created their website.  Simple go the website and type their domain name.  Press serach and under dates you should have a creation date which is usually correlated with their business start date.  Now you can see when they started and compare it to other agencies start dates.  Your best bet is the agency that started earlier.

Reviews or Testimonials.  Another important thing to check is reviews on line.  Online reviews are very tricky.  Many companies have decided to post their own inflated reviews online.  There was one company we looked at that had 30 5 star reviews.  It was very obvious to us that this was created by the business owner.  If the reviews have promotional business words and if you see that the reviews have the same content as the other reviews than it is probably written by the business owner.  Another thing to be wary about is not to trust testimonials on the actual website.  These testimonials are usually written by the actual business owner to entice you into believing they are trustworthy.  At one time we saw a tutoring website with testimonials that had stock face pictures put into their avatars to appear as if they were written by real people.  These stock pictures were later verified to be on the internet as stock pictures.  I personally do not trust online reviews.  Trust your gut.  But as I said before if the business has been around for a long time than you can safely say they are trustworthy because business models usually fail between 1 to 5 years of operation.

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Author- Madeleine Bodry – Assistant recruitment manager


Steps you should take before choosing a tutoring agency — 3 Comments

  1. My son received tutoring services from a tutoring agency that declared that they were in business for over five years. I only wish I knew how to check before as were received only satisfactory tutoring services. I just checked now and this tutoring agency was only around for less than 1 year if I checked last year.

  2. Beware of reviews online. Many companies fake their reviews. If you find a lot of promotional words your best guess is that it is a fake review. Although yelp is good at weeding out fake reviews they are not full proof and I have seen many legitimate reviews deleted and many fake ones remain on their system.

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