Is recent technology ruining family time?

Has Technology been ruining quality family time?

Is technology in the form of social media or texting the culprit of limiting quality conversation between family and friends


What happened to the days that a teenager or child came home and actually said hello to their parents, did their homework and then had a nice dinner conversation? Now a days you will tend to see a teenager looking down on their phone entering the home without saying hi and go straight to their room and continue texting.

Teenagers are now too busy with texting to have a family dinner without leaving their phones. Texting has become so bad that I have seen teenagers sitting in a restaurant texting each other even though they are across from each other.  What happened to the eye contact and the genuine conversations we used to have before the cell phone age broke through.  Our conversations would be half hour to hours long with our friends or families.

The only conversation you are going to have these days is through social media or texting.  Is our society breaking apart.  Are families breaking apart because of the overuse of technology? Are families are spending quality time with their children? Has the use of phones and technology become the only real means of communication with families.

Teenagers are sleeping less because they often have access to this technology in their bedrooms.  They often push the envelope of the time they should be going to sleep.  This can lead to them to focus less on their studies, weak attention spans, and being irritable and cranky the next day.

It is imperative that parents set limitations on their electronic use in their home.  Children and teenagers have learned to use their phone or tablet as a media tool to view movies text, email, etc.. That would be equivalent to a teenager in the 80’s having their own television and computer in their room minus emailing, chatting, or texting. The only difference is even though that child had a tv and computer in their room, they would usually crave human face to face contact or at least a phone call with their friends.

There are now smart Wi-fi routers available through your Internet Service Provider or though retail purchase with the added feature of parental controls for time usage, blocking the bad stuff etc..  Parents should take the opportunity to use this new technology to monitor and control usage and what their children are watching on the internet.

Author: Madeline B

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Is recent technology ruining family time? — 2 Comments

  1. I agree with Madeline, we have to set standards in the home in regards to the use of technology. Thanks for the idea of the smart-wifi modem. Otherwise we are going to have children who look like cell phones figuratively speaking.

  2. Nice article here. I agree with Dipti. It is crucial that you set the standards once they receive this sort of technology. Often many parents just think they are giving out a toy. This is untrue. The tablet or phone is far from a toy and if no limitations are set you might have many arguments with your teenager in the future. I have been a math teacher and tutor in Toronto for many years and in the last decade I Have noticed students with less attention spans, less conversational, and seem to always be on the go.

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