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Misconceptions about tutoring agencies that offer free academic assessments

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Some agencies insist on a free home assessment. They schedule a visit to your home to conduct what the call an “free academic assessment”.  Then they say they will work on an “action plan” based on this free assessment.  What they did not tell you is the assessment they are using is just a way to get a salesperson into your front door.  Now you have invited them into your house and you feel obligated to sign up because you think they have wasted their time on assessing your child.  The salesperson looked very professional in administering their “free academic assessment” and they are going to come up with an “action plan” for my child based on this free 1 hour assessment . You start believing that they must know what they are doing because they look professional.   Many customers fall into that type of sales trap.  What this agency just did was use a simple sales ploy to reel you in to buying their agencies tutoring hours based on what you assumed was a “professional academic assessment” of your child’s needs. 

This would be similar to inviting a door to door salesperson who has just offered you a “free inspection” of your furnace and water heater.  Everyone knows that this is a sales ploy and the “furnace inspector” is going to tell you that the condition of your furnace needs some maintenance and or replacement.  So you decide to buy a monthly package from them to maintain your furnace. You heard the word “free inspection” and this enticed you to invite the salesperson into your home and this lead to you signing on the dotted line based on what the furnace inspector has mentioned to you. 

What that agency did not tell you was that an educational assessment should only be conducted by a person trained in assessing children.  That would be your educational psychologist. A genuine academic assessment should only be conducted by a trained and qualified psychologist trained in assessing students academically. Your school psychologist is the only professional that can accurately assess a student and tell you what their weaknesses and strengths are. Your school psychologist also consults with your child’s teacher to get an overall picture of the child they are assessing. 

Are you actually going to believe that a sales person that has never seen your child is going to accurately assess your child in 1 hour?  “Your child’s teacher and your child’s report card is by far, the best resource and “action plan” for your child.  Their so called “action plan” based on their 1 hour assessment is useless because what your child needs to focus on is the gaps they are missing in their current curricular subject/s not a “1 hour educational sales ploy assessment“.

At Tutors For Less we feel strongly about not administering unnecessary assessments. Your child needs to build his/her confidence from the start. An assessment that occurs before they start a tutoring program might turn your child away from receiving valuable tutoring assistance. Our tutors can pinpoint areas of improvement and gaps in learning right on the spot and in consultation with your child’s teacher. Therefore, there is no need for an assessment, because with 1 on 1 tutoring,  the tutor is always constantly focusing on your child’s progressAt Tutors For Less, we work in collaboration with you, your child, and your child’s teacher to ensure academic success.

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Tutoring Assessments — 3 Comments

  1. I agree. I had a sales representative come to my home and assess my child for one hour. What a joke! You are absolutley correct how could they distinguish your childs skills within one hour??? Not only that the saleperson I invited to my home was very pushy and sales oriented. He tried to encourage me to by 50 or 100 hours up front, so I could get a significant discount. He than mentioned I could only give you that discount if you sign here today! If you purchase all these hours we guarantee improvement. I told him to take his phony free academic assessment and shove it where the sun don’t shine. This article is dead on. Then I told him what if I would only like to purchase 5 or 10 hours. He then gave me a ridiculous rate of 60 per hour??? Any other person would have felt obligated or feel bad because they did spent their time in your home discussing their program. I told the salesperson to never call me or come back. Good article you were dead on!

  2. It’s true. I had a sales representative come to my home and try this tutoring assessment. The thing that the salesman did not know is that I am a school psychologist who administers educational testing on a daily basis. I was actually laughing when he tried to give this assessment to my daughter. I Tried explain to him that my daughter has done a psycho-educational test and she is on a IEP. He looked at me as if I do not speak English. I Quickly realized that this was nothing more than trying to advertise themselves as a “professional company”. They are far from professional. My wife thought that they are inviting a professional to assist my daughter. I agree with Carrie. This was nothing more than to get the salesman through your front door. It looked promising when in fact all the home assessment was was to get them into your front door plain and simple. Many parents might get duped into thinking this is a legitimate way to asses a child. Not at all. That is like giving a licence to a child on a go cart arena.

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